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Social Transformation

10 Hope Films is a venture into independent and collaborative filmmaking that showcases stories of hope, courage and change. Our films are about visionary leaders who are taking up the mantle of social transformation and lighting the way to a more just and sustainable world. The characters of 10 Hope Films are environmentalists, prodigies, educators, inventors, doctors, entrepreneurs, refugees – and any who are bravely working toward a compelling vision for what our humanity can accomplish, together.

10 Hope Films partners with filmmakers and activists who, like us, see film as a powerful tool for change. We offer a robust networking and distribution model that pairs filmmakers and activists with philanthropists and executive producers toward filmmaking campaigns that are specifically designed to inspire global awareness. We then project these films through every virtual and real-world space.

In the start-up phase, we’re building a community of people just like you who can share inspiring clips, shot professionally or from any mobile device. 10 Hope manages this collaboration, matching film projects with the proper resources. We’re completing the circle between you – the filmmaker – and an international community of like-minded collaborators.

Join Our Global Campaign

After exhaustively planning our campaign, 10 Hope Films is ready for action – but we can’t do it without your help. Soon we’ll be raising funds that will enable us to go to the next level. In the meantime, we’re doing everything we can to build our community to 5000 members – so this is a call to Filmmakers, Activists and Non-Profit Organizations to join the 10 Hope movement.

Why are we doing it? Because we know that the stories we tell are so powerful that they breed more of the same. Now, more than ever, our world needs stories about the inspiring innovations of our time, driven by characters who are risking all to shift our focus toward a unified vision for the world that we can create, together.

By building our technical and marketing base now, 10 Hope Films is growing its ability to motivate, educate and guide visual storytellers wherever they live in the world, and to open a creative space where new inspirations can reach out to our world community of members and collaborators.

Visionary, Storyteller, Founder of 10 Hope Films

We can grow into what we believe is possible. What we project magnifies in the world.

Help Build Our Community


10 Hope is focused on community storytelling that breaks the barriers of cost and geography. Our job is to catalyze your filmmaking process, to welcome you into a family of international coaches, mentors and collaborators bringing the best stories of  hope, courage and compassion to the world screen.

We’re Ramping Our Efforts Toward A Social Transformation



At 10 Hope Films, we know that the stories emerging from our communities are the most relevant force we have for change. Our filmmaking campaigns start at the community level, expanding previously unheard messages of innovation and hope to a global audience. Our aim is to shift consciousness away from the fear-based messages dominating mainstream media, towards stories of hope and change. That’s why we’re creating one of the biggest collections of independent films and raw footage. But we need your help. We look forward to welcoming you into our 10 Hope family.


10 Hope Films has created an alternative to costly distribution models. Our platform will enable you access funds, receive mentorship and advice, and make connections that sponsor your growth as a filmmaker. The money we raise in early funding will help us build a technical infrastructure capable of holding 10’s of 1000’s of films, allowing us to grow to 5000 individual filmmakers and activists, with more than 500 films in the first year. But your involvement is the key to our success.


10 Hope Films is an aggregator of important film works from around the globe that produces, sponsors and curates stories about the great ideas of our time. We’re showcasing the contributions of visionary leaders who are struggling to walk their innovations into the world. Once completed, we’ll be able to stream and/or screen your films at any virtual or real world festival or event. Through your 10 Hope membership, your films are plugging in to social movements all over the planet, gathering energy for social change.

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