We Need Your Help

10 Hope Films is in pre-launch of an exciting new venture that will bring hope, knowledge and understanding to the inhabitants of our planet.
By using video production and storytelling on a massive level we’re capturing  the essence of hope beyond the tragedies of war, misguided virtues and everyday life.  We  present these films as shorts and features  in ways that will disrupt the balance of negativity.  Hope for us all.  That’s what we’ll discover together.  The human, genuine, compassionate truth behind our struggling world.


Keep Me In The Loop

10 Hope wishes to keep you in the loop with all that’s happening in our pre-launch state.  We would like your permission to send you status updates and important announcements as they occur.  We treat your information as private and will never abuse your trust.  When we launch our monthly newsletter, you will be automatically added.

Be An Ambassador

A 10 Hope Ambassador is a step above.  If your willing, we can sure use your help and influence in promoting 10 Hope Films throughout your social networks.  This is really important work to help build our community, raise awareness of 10 Hope, stimulate involvement in our contests and facilitate pledges during our Indiegogo campaign.

Become A Partner

10 Hope is looking for potential partners.  Whether it’s offering educational programs for our participant filmmakers, on the ground efforts in teaching refugee’s how to film, edit and promote their short films, or activist and humanitarian organizations who want to collaborate and mutually promote our efforts let us hear from you.

I Want To Make A Pledge

We are excited about our upcoming Indiegogo campaign.  The funds that we are raising will go toward building  our technical infrastructure allowing us to curate 10’s of thousands of video’s.  We will  hold monthly contest’s that will solicit films of human interest submitted by filmmakers from around the world. The marketing activities in this phase will grow our community to 5000 and our film library to 500.