My 10 Hope Vision

10 Hope films are as simple as an open heart – stories inspired by the need to share, enlighten, share and educate, and to inspire and spread the great ideas of our humanity. Our stories are about those who are living at the heart of great world challenges. We document stories of struggle and heartache, but we don’t stop there. The characters of 10 Hope films are those who are running for a different kind of office, the office of innovation, transformation, hope and possibility. They can be about the Martin Luther Kings of our world, the peace and change advocates mobilizing their communities to challenge governments, or even scientists who are working against the grain to bring life-saving knowledge to rural communities. 10 Hope films are films about people, by the people living in those communities. They’re about the great, unheard stories of vision, struggle, courage, innovation and triumph.

My Life Has Led Me To 10 Hope Film

The Work of Dean Adams

Dean Adams is an Emmy-nominated director and cinematographer whose work has been showcased in documentaries for the BBC, ABC News, France 24, Arte Reportage, PBS and the Discovery Channel. In 2008, he was awarded a Media Excellence Award from the International Association of Broadcasters, and his half-hour film, Birmanie: au bord du precipice, was nominated for best documentary at the Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondence. In addition to making his own films, Dean has established himself as a master trainer, running video journalism intensives for the BBC, TV4 Stockholm and RTL Germany. But it was his filmmaking workshops with refugees and underground Burmese journalists, and his contributions to the 2010 Oscar nominated documentary, Burma VJ, that opened his eyes to the empowering nature of documentary filmmaking. In 2012, Dean was recruited as part of the management team tasked with creating the Documentary Unit at Qatar TV. He continues his duties to the channel as Deputy Editor-In-Chief and Senior Reporter, launching new series and directing half-hour documentaries. Dean’s 10 Hope mission is to grow a space where character-driven stories from the trenches of human ingenuity can flourish, and where the inspirations of visionaries who are leading the mantle for change can motivate social change on a global level.


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